Catalan Film Festival

The 9th Catalan Film Festival trailer edited by me.


by CinemaAttic | Film Festival across various cities in Scotland

The highly-anticipated yearly Catalan Film Festival was created to celebrate the uniqueness of Catalan culture in Scotland and to showcase Catalan auteurs as well as upcoming new talent. The festival secures the hottest award-winning Catalan films, both features and shorts, with many making their debut UK & Scottish premieres.

I spearheaded a comprehensive marketing campaign for the 8th and 9th editions of Catalan Film Festival, contributing to its success. Through strategic planning and execution, I focused on several key areas to elevate the festival’s reach and impact.

1. Marketing and Communications Strategy: Crafting a robust marketing and communications strategy, I developed a plan that incorporated targeted messaging, audience segmentation, and innovative promotional channels. This strategy served as a roadmap for our entire marketing effort, ensuring a cohesive and impactful approach.

2. Content Creation: Through daily organic and paid posts, I created visually appealing content that generated buzz for the festival. This included trailers, vox-pops, review cards, interviews and photography.

3. Print Distribution Management: I oversaw the distribution of print materials, including posters, flyers, and brochures, strategically placing them in high-visibility locations to maximise exposure.

4. Sold Out Screenings: One of the most gratifying outcomes was the achievement of sold-out screenings. Through effective promotion and audience engagement, we created an undeniable allure around the festival, resulting in packed spaces and an enthusiastic audience.

5. Audience Development: Actively seeking to broaden the festival’s appeal, I implemented strategies to reach new audiences. This included targeted outreach to diverse communities around Scotland and collaboration with local organisations.

6. Cinema Liaison: Collaborating closely with cinemas across Scotland, I ensured seamless implementation of marketing activities throughout the festival to ensure all marketing materials were utilised for each venue. This involved coordinating with the venue’s marketing teams from pre-festival planning right through to the end of the festival.

7. Company Profile Enhancement: I also helped elevate the compay’s overall profile with a 54% increase in their social media following across all channels.