Sleeping Warrior Theatre Company

Battery Park (2023)

by Andy McGregor – National Scottish Tour

Battery Park is a play with live music from the writer/director of the five-star Spuds and Crocodile Rock. It’s about Britpop, glorious defeat and working-class dreams. A funny, earthy play that packs an emotional punch that resonates long after the final note.


locations across Scotland


audience members



“…this high energy, highly captivating show delivers everything that you would want and more…” – Theatre In Scotland ★★★★★

…a thundering, rebellious, blowout-the-speakers show with excellent performances and solid pacing.” – Corr Blimey ★★★★★

As gig theatre goes, this is a perfect example of the craft” 

– Bouquets & Brickbats ★★★★★